For a lot of us, it was a perch or a bream on a Zebco 33 or a Mickey Mouse Pole; that feeling of excitement and panic when the white and red bobber disappeared beneath the murky water as we jerked the rod, the way we thought we had seen our daddies or granddaddies do it. And then the fight, the drag whining, telling tales of years of use, stripped and refusing to stay tightened.  And at last, the feeling of accomplishment as you poked your tiny fingers in the even-smaller-mouth of your glistening 6 inch trophy and held it up in the sun for your Daddy to see, a grin so wide across your face you thought your cheeks might just have to split.


This picture is one that is familiar to many of us. It is what got us started and has kept us fishing. That sense of wonderment at what we might catch today or what is on the other end of that line.  At Trophy Anglers Guild, we want to encourage more of these experiences.  We want to promote this opportunity for kids to be amazed by the outdoors.  And then, we want to make sure they remember it and feel included by the brotherhood of outdoorsmen.



We are so excited to announce the expansion of Trophy Anglers Guild to include, TAG Jr.  TAG Jr. is a program where we will award kids under the age of 12 a Certificate of Recognition and vinyl stickers for their FIRST CATCH, regardless of size. A person’s first fish is an awesome achievement in and of itself. It doesn’t matter if it is big, small, huge, or tiny, there is only one first catch and we want to help make it all the more special.  Simply go to the TAG Jr. link at the top of the webpage and fill out the form.  On top of the certificate and stickers, we will promote their catch through social media channels, that you can then show them, where people are liking and congratulating their accomplishment. Let us help you make your kids feel all the more special when they hit that milestone and create a memory that will last a lifetime.