Father’s Day – An Ode to Dad


Father’s Day – An Ode to Dad

Yesterday was Father’s Day, as I am sure you are aware.  Today we wanted to take a moment to talk about “Dad.”  For most of us, “Dad” was the one that got us fishing.  Waking us up early by yelling, “GET UP!” while simultaneously flipping the overhead lights on in the room, blinding us with 60 watts of incandescent lighting that, at the time, seemed brighter than the sun.  Groggy, eyelids half closed, we would brush teeth, get dressed and crawl out the door.
Dad would have everything ready from the night before, staying up late after we had gone to bed. The cooler packed with cheese sandwiches (and not that real cheese that people eat today, the good stuff that came individually wrapped in cellophane), water, chips and cookies, all packed in there WITH the styrofoam container of night-crawlers.  The reels would be spooled with new line and the rods all ready with hooks and and bobbers.  The boat would be hooked up with the trailer lights lit from the truck that was sitting, running, waiting.


We would climb in the truck, mumbling something about it still being dark and the fish being asleep and off we would go, to “the Honey Hole,” as “Dads” will call it.  We would fish all day, Dad taking extra care to show us how to cast, constantly reminding us to watch the bobber, frantically calling out, “Set the HOOK! SET THE HOOK!” when the red and white indicator shot under the water, and then proudly holding up the stringer to passerbys when asked if we were “having any luck?”



Now I am grown and have three young daughters so my fishing time with Dad is limited.  Even though I hated waking up early those years ago, I wouldn’t trade those days for anything. We still like to fish together when we can. Yesterday, on Father’s Day, it was a rare coincidence that my wife and daughters were out of town. So, my dad and I took advantage, got up early, and drove 2 hours to our “honey hole.” We spent the morning and early afternoon on the water, trout fishing.  In the 5 hours we spent chasing fish, we caught 104 trout. We ate lunch together at a beautiful restaurant overlooking the river, and just enjoyed being on the water together.  Dad still gets excited about big fish and made sure I sent him all the pictures of the fish so he could show them off, a “digital stringer” of sorts.  It was a fantastic Father’s Day, even though I missed my girls. It was great to spend the day on the water, just the two of us, like we have done so many times in the past.


Clay Goforth


Trophy Anglers Guild


Now, some pics of Dad with his catch from the day.